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Bill is the director of LifeChange Concepts, and is a trained and certified financial coach through Dave Ramsey Solutions. The primary thrust of his ministry is to do preventative maintenance with teens, young adults and young couples by laying a solid spiritual foundation through the biblical teaching of financial and discipleship principles. This will help better prepare them on issues such as time and money management which they will face as adults and in their marriages. 

Bill lives mortgage free in Locust Grove, GA with his wife Amy and their three children. An ordained deacon at his church, he served in full-time ministry with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes from 2011-2019. 

Prior to FCA, Bill was an industry-award winning commercial real estate broker in Tampa, FL. Completing his financial counseling training with LifeChange Concepts (Tampa, FL) in 2006, Bill served as an LCC board member and volunteered his time as a counselor. He also earned B.A. and M.S. degrees from the University of Illinois and won two gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Paralympics. 



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