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Jennie Jones attended two Christians schools for her primary and secondary school education. Growing up with a Dad as a professor and a mother who was a librarian, she has always had a love of history, a concern for our country, and a passion for educating others about history, government, and literature. She particularly realized the importance of freedom after meeting a Russian art dealer who had been imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag for resisting the Communists. Through the years, she saw that many Americans (including our elected officials—and Christians!) did not know our history and the foundations of our country’s freedom and prosperity.  So, she decided to go back to college and pursue graduate coursework in history, government, and literature. 

Jennie earned her Bachelor’s in program management from Northwest Florida State College and her Master’s in American Studies (history, government, and literature) from the University of Dallas in Irving. Before embarking on her master’s degree, she studied European history and American history at Texas State University in San Marcos. 

While working on her bachelor’s degree, she ran a local judicial campaign in Northwest Florida and worked on a gubernatorial campaign in Georgia. She also worked in civil service for the Air Force and for a non-profit organization before working for an internet technology firm while pursuing her master’s. While pursuing further graduate studies in Literature, she taught Federal Government and American History I as an adjunct at Collin College in McKinney. She has spent the last four years teaching Federal Government, Texas Government, American History I and II at Weatherford College. 

During her graduate studies, she particularly appreciated learning about the historical context, themes and storytelling methods. She is looking forward to helping students make connections between the American stories, their historical context and important themes. Some literature is analysis rather than stories, but stories contain analysis and lead the reader to analyze what the author or poet is trying to convey to the reader.   Her goal is to equip students to succeed at the next level, and to apply worthwhile lessons from literature to their lives, evaluating literature based upon a Biblical view of the world and of life. 

Thanks to her father, Jennie has immediate access to a library of approximately 3,000 books. When not reading books and keeping up with the news, she enjoys hiking mountain trails, cooking, traveling (especially historical places), horseback riding, and surprising her friends with puns. She has four nieces who live in Northwest Florida, and enjoys spending time with them, and, of course, teaching them a little too! 



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