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Brad Winsted was a career Naval officer and pilot and has run an international non-profit that produces Christian Educational material ( since 1995. He attended the University of Colorado where he received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A. Political Science). He graduated with a Master's in Business Science (MBS-Human Resources Development) from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA and a Master's equivalent in National Strategy and Policy from the Naval War College in Providence, RI. Brad has taught American Government, American History, World History and Economics for 12 years in local Home School coops/academies (at MAS since it's inception).

Brad desires his students to become personally involved in their own education by giving classroom presentations, interacting with the subject at hand and questioning why and how things came/come to past.  In other words, not being passive learners, but motivated ones.  His best students bring challenging questions to class after completing their homework and reading assignments.  Brad often collectively prays with his students before tests that God will help them to recall and retain their subjects.  Remember true Christian education is to encourage students to be learners all their lives, to continually search for the truth and to serve and glorify God in whatever circumstances He places them. 

Brad became a born-again Christian while in the Navy. He and his first wife (Fawn, now deceased) home-educated all 8 of their children from K-12th grade starting in 1983 when homeschooling was largely unknown. Brad re-married after the death of his first wife to Margareta, a Czech national in 2014 and has 13 grandchildren; nine are currently being homeschooled, with four being too young.

Brad wants his students to love the study of history as he does, seeing that it is "His-story" (God through His Son Jesus Christ), the study of Redemption. Brad desires his students to see the arc of history and how it impacts their lives today, to better understand events today.  To never study and understand our past as a people and nation, is to guarantee that we will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  He holds to the "Austrian" School of Economics (as articulated by Von Mises) which supports free market capitalism and Brad further believes that governments which understand minimal government interference, the US Constitutional rule of law, balanced budgets (living within our means privately and publicly), private ownership of property and supporting policies to under-gird strong families will guarantee our national survival and prosperity.  




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