• Orton Gillingham trained tutor – Certified Georgia Teacher with 25+ years of experience –
    Anxiety, anger, frustration – these are the feelings that children struggling to read battle each day. LeAnn provides a safe, structured environment in which children’s fears are diminished and learning takes place. An Orton Gillingham multisensory approach is used to ensure that students become strong independent readers. Since each child is unique, LeAnn believes flexibility on her part is essential in helping each student reach his or her potential. After 25+ years of teaching experience, LeAnn draws from several different resources to help promote mastery.
    LeAnn is married to Scott Martin. They live in the Decatur area with their two children, Shepard (17) and Rebecca (14) along with their pets - a yellow lab, Barley, and their cat, George. Shep and Becca began their education at an Atlanta classical Christian preparatory school which helped pave the way for their homeschool model. LeAnn and Scott felt called to homeschool in 2008 and have been blessed in many ways as they have journeyed this path.
    LeAnn tutors reading/spelling, and writing for K-8. She will be starting a homeschool bi-weekly class for students with Dyslexia for the school year 2017-2018. For more information, please call or text LeAnn at 404.788.6077 or email her at
  • M.S. Academic Coaching, Educational Consultation, & Parent Support
    Using an individualized and personalized approach, I assist students in learning any missing or weak foundations. I also teach him/her in current studies, and coach him/her in organization, time management, testing taking and study skills. I have worked with a number of MAS students, specifically helping them develop and manage a schedule for their “independent study” days. I can also consult with you and your student's teachers regarding concerns and questions about your child’s schooling and educational goals.
    I have:
    *A passion for making learning fun & relevant, and a love for all children
    *A desire to help every child discover his or her uniqueness, gifts and potential
    *A master's degree in counseling
    *7 years of classroom teaching experience
    *8 years in the tutoring business
    *20 plus years tutoring, mentoring, and counseling young people
    *Success with tutoring special needs and gifted students
    *Experience with a range of students and objectives: K-12 from public, private and home school environments
    *Subjects Areas: All Subjects/Language Arts (K-12) Math (K-8) /GED, SAT (writing & reading) and Milestone Prep
    *Coaching Areas: Motivation, Time Management, Organization, Test Taking & Study Skills
    *Consultation Areas: Georgia Performance Standards, Test Scores Interpretation, Online Grading Portals, & Individual Education Plans, and Executive Functions
  • Offers private tutoring on Tuesdays through Fridays, $60/hour, in high school math, pre-algebra through pre-calculus. Contact: 404-606-3074,


Various accrediting agencies in the Atlanta area have worked with our teachers and students. Accrediting agencies can provide oversight and accountability to a homeschooler's program, and will issue an accredited transcript for the student's high school courses for the period that the student was enrolled in the accreditation program.

Our families have worked with these and other accreditors:

  • Sandy Cole,
    "Accredited with Quality" with Georgia Accrediting Commission, ACA West offers a Fully Accredited high school transcript for students who do not attend classes on-site. Their mission is to serve the Georgia home study community through high school transcript accreditation and assistance with academic advising and college planning.
  • Compass Prep Academy, near Woodstock, GA, offers services designed to assist high school students in mapping out a plan of study. This service can help ensure that all necessary high school course requirements are met for graduation, college admissions, and HOPE Scholarship eligibility. Compass Prep offers a Fully Accredited high school transcript by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. Students have the option to participate in the graduation ceremony at Compass Prep in May.
    Contact person: Denise Rudolph
  • Allen Wood (
    The Noah Webster Center for Independent Studies is a service of Character Corner, Inc.
    504 Hickory Glen, Woodstock, GA 30188
    Phone #: 678-773-7731
  • Northeast Independent Preparatory Academy (NIPA) is a center for home education that was accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Independent Study (ACIS) and is now serving under the Georgia Accrediting Commision. NIPA consists of a cooperative group of parents who are working together to provide professional scholastic recognition for home-schooled students. Each family is committed to academic excellence and collegiate preparedness. With common goals and a common commitment, NIPA endeavors to provide documented accountability of the unique methods and mechanisms that parents choose for their children’s academic learning.
  • An Orthodox Christian Day School in the Grant Park area of Atlanta, GA, St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy offers small classes, individualized attention, and a caring faculty and staff. Their academic programs prepare students for success not only in college, but also in life.
    In addition to programs for fully-enrolled students, Saint Nicholas offers accreditation and classes for home-schooled students.
    Saint Nicholas Academy is accredited for grades K-12 by the Georgia Accrediting Commission, the oldest accrediting agency in the USA.
    St. Nicholas Academy
    543 Cherokee Ave. SE
    Atlanta, GA 30312
    Phone: 404-584-6088