Middle School

The Middle School years at Metro Academic Studies may be sequenced according to the following schedule.

6th Grade

  • Middle School Math (6th/7th Math) 
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy 
  • Grammar & Composition 
  • Interacting with Literature or Literature for Middle School
  • History of Middle Ages
  • Elective - DCP Jr (Drama), Classical Art, Classical Drawing, etc.


  • Pre-Algebra 
  • MS Biology (Life Sc) or Exploring Creation with Chem & Physics
  • Literature for Middle School or Interacting with Literature
  • MS Humanities (Year 2) or Ancient History
  • Foreign Language 1A
  • Elective - DCP Jr (Drama), Competitive Speech, Sculpture, Photography, 
  • Sports Fusion


  • Algebra 1
  • Physical Science
  • 8th Lit & Comp
  • Ancient History or World History
  • Foreign Language - 1B
  • Elective - Competitive Debate, Classical Drawing, etc.
  • Sports Fusion