• Our philosophy is that you, the parent, should be in charge of your child's education. All classes at Metro Academic Studies are offered on an à la carte basis. Students may enroll in one class or multiple classes and should consult with instructors regarding questions about specific classes. While we suggest sequencing and scope, parents choose the classes and order of classes their student(s) will enroll in.
  • We are not a school in the traditional sense. We are a group of instructors who provide classes to the homeschooling community. While we do have an organizational structure for administrative purposes (registration, scheduling, room assignments), individual instructors set their own class requirements, curriculum, and tuition costs and have control over their classes. Registration is done through MAS but tuition payments and supply fees are paid to instructors. While we use the classrooms at The Church of the Apostles, questions about MAS Classes should not be directed to the church office. Contact any instructor or Laurie Heydt, the site coordinator.
  • Metro Academic Studies
    The Church of The Apostles
    3585 Northside Parkway NW
    Atlanta, GA 30327
    MAS is on Northside Parkway, just North of West Paces Ferry Road and just East of I-75 - centrally located and convenient to most metro Atlanta locations.
  • 1. Look at the list of Courses and the Weekly Schedule to choose classes in which you are interested enrolling your student. Some classes are offered on Mondays, others on Wednesdays, and one or two are offered on both days.
    2. Read the descriptions for the Courses you are interested in to make sure they sound like a class that will fit the needs of your student.
    3. Contact the instructor with any questions about a class. Their contact information is listed with the Course descriptions.
    4. Access the "Register Here" button on the top right of this website to begin your registration. Set up a family registration account under a parent name; once registered, you can add student names to your family account, giving them a separate registration log in and password. You must register your student to guarantee a spot in the class.
  • All of our high school courses may be accredited by any accrediting program in compliance with Georgia requirements for accreditation.  Please contact the accrediting agency at the beginning of the school year to determine steps to register.  While Metro Academic Studies is not formally affiliated with any particular accreditation program, our families have worked with a variety of accredited programs to accredit courses on their student's high school diploma. These accredited programs include Augustine Classical Academy West, Northeast Independent Preparatory Academy (NIPA), St. Nicholas Academy, Noah Webster Center, and Compass Prep. Home educating students seeking accredited diplomas from these or other organizations, as well as those not seeking accreditation, are all welcome in our classes.
    See our page about Accreditation for more info.
  • Our instructors as a group do not endorse an accredited plan over a non-accredited one. In making this choice, each family should consult a sampling of colleges that a student might be applying to in order to determine expectations for high school transcripts and testing needs. Families interested in seeking an accredited diploma may use one of many third party accreditation agencies to get their entire high school course of study approved for an accredited diploma.
  • No, we do not refund registration fees.
  • Yes. Students who register have the option of signing up for one class or multiple classes, and each class has its own registration fee.
  • Please ask instructors up front about issues that may come up in classwork that might concern you. We screen our instructors as to adherence to the Christian faith and their history in teaching in their field, but we know that our instructors come from a variety of Christian perspectives and worship at many different churches. They are best equipped to answer questions you may have regarding material and views covered in their classes. You may also choose to observe classes during the school year to get a feel for an instructor's teaching method and materials — notify the instructor ahead to be sure there is not a conflict with your visit.
  • Most likely. Most of our instructors welcome parents to come in and preview a class. You do need to get the instructor's permission first, OR visit on one of our Open House dates.
  • Absolutely! Please contact us to schedule your visit to Metro Academic Studies.
  • While on campus, students are required to either attend class or be signed up for study hall. We offer study hall each class period from 9 am-4 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students must register and pay online for study hall and attendance is taken each class period.
  • Homework assignments are a regular and vital part of your child’s education. Students are expected to complete homework according to instructors' directions. For middle school classes, we recommend parents look over all homework being turned in before the student brings it to class. For high school classes, the work should be done independently without parental help as much as possible.
  • This varies between teachers. Typically, there will be homework and activities for the 4 days of the week the student is working at home.
  • You will be unable to register for a class that is full. All class-related questions should be directed to the teachers.
  • Please email the instructor regarding any class-related questions.  Instructor emails are on each course description.
  • Tuition will be due the 1st week of class (week of August 15), September 1, October 1, and November 1.  Supply fees are due the first week of class unless notified otherwise by the instructor.
  • Students may drop a class the first 2 weeks of a semester for no additional fee; if a class is dropped after the first 2 weeks, an additional month of tuition is owed. Classes may charge tuition by month or by semester. Tuition is non-refundable.
  • Masks are optional.
  • Returning students will sign forms online. An orientation video covering our policies and procedures will be a required viewing for all students who attend MAS classes. New students and 1 parent will have a required 1 hour Orientation meeting on Monday or Wednesday during the first 2 weeks of August to meet with staff, review our program, answer questions, etc. Registration for that event will be available later in the summer. Students and Parents will sign the MAS Policy and other forms. A video covering Grade book instructions will be available later in the summer.



SAT/ACT Prep is offered on Mondays at 10:45 am with Lisa Robinson.  Please register on the website and contact Lisa Robinson (lisabrobbie@gmail.com) if you have questions. 

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