World History (Wed)

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Teacher: Amy Meyer
Date/Time: Wednesday - 12:45 PM to 2:15 PM
Recommended Grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Department: History & Social Studies
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

This high School level course in World History will  focus on the story of mankind from creation to the present. Students will examine ancient civilizations through the Greeks to the Roman Empire. Then they will survey India, Asia, and Africa on their way to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation, upon which modern history is founded. Students are challenged to observe God’s providence as they discover the forces, issues, people, and movements that have shaped our modern world.  

An honors track is available. 

The text is World History, 4th edition, BJU Press.  ISBN-13: 9781606821183. Preowned copies are widely available.  The instructor will assist in locating them if needed. 

Cost: $70 per month, due the first Wednesday of the month or $280 for first semester and $350 for second semester. $5 late fee