Advanced Competitive Speech & Debate Club

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Teacher: Kimberly Patterson
Date/Time: Wednesday - 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Recommended Grades: 10th, 11th, 12th
Department: Apologetics / Speech & Debate
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

This offering has been redesigned this year to fully operate as a competitive speech and debate club.

It is open to all students who have had at least one year of competitive debate. The goal this year is to facilitate both speech and debate competition in Stoa. Additionally, any student taking Competitive Novice Debate may participate at the invitation of the coach with no additional fee.

Three hours of time will allow for speech practice, limited instruction for competitive speech events, as well as optimal time for advanced debate preparation. Students may also arrive at 12:15 PM for lunch and fellowship with the club. Class schedule will flex each week to meet club needs. 

Required for students:

  • Willingness to compete in at least 2 speech events for the competitive year. For example: one limited prep event and one platform speech.
  • High-quality work ethic to prepare for negative briefs. (It is common knowledge that debaters are busy students, carrying a full academic course load. However, students should only register if they are willing to fulfill their commitment to their debate partners and the club needs.
  • Commitment to attend multiple tournaments – minimum of 3 per year. Four to five tournaments are offered within the Atlanta area.
  • Parliamentary Debate instruction will be an added component in the club, but is not a required event for competition.

Attention to new older students (16+):

  • Older students (who are new) and who have attended at least one summer debate workshop are permitted to join with permission.
  • They must be willing to attend several additional coaching sessions (no charge)

Mandatory for parents:

  • Parents must commit to helping with our local tournaments held at The Church of the Apostles.
  • Parents must attend, supervise, and be available to judge at all tournaments their students attend.
  • Willingness to attend club 2-3 times a year to help judge practice rounds. (Exceptions are made for working parents or parents with small children but must be approved by Patsy Butman in early September)

Additional Requirements:

  • Families join Stoa for the 2022-23 competition year by October 1, 2022: Stoa USA
  • Follow all Stoa Rules and Guidelines provided at website listed above.
  • Parents must agree to the Statement of Faith found on Stoa's website. You do this when you join Stoa and/or attend our tournaments.

Tuition: $425 each for fall and spring semesters

One-time supply/administrative fee: $50 for the year These fees cover the costs of materials provided to the students as well administrative fees for Metro Academic Studies. 

Course Materials: Code of Debater PDF (free download provided), Class Handouts

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