Middle School Grammar & Composition 1

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Teacher: Linda Richardson
Date/Time: Monday - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Recommended Grades: 6th, 7th
Departments: Language Arts, Sixth Grade Core Classes
Grade Level: Middle School (6th-8th)
Maximum Enrollment: 19

This dynamic class is perfect for sixth or seventh grade students. It teaches students the basics and fundamentals of grammar. We also learn and practice how to format a paper in Google Docs. Additionally, students will learn to write a variety of papers including: a personal narrative, a compare and contrast essay, a research paper, and a literary analysis. Each student receives personal feedback on his/her papers so he/she can learn and grow as a writer. This course blends well with Literature for the Middle School Student to create a complete language arts block. Students should plan on spending 4 hours a week on homework for this course. Parents are required to check their student’s work with the provided answer key and or supervise their student while using the instructional videos. Parents are expected to help keep their child motivated and  organized.

Requirements/Expectations for entry:

  • Students are expected to know how to type or be enrolled in a course to learn. 
  • Students are expected to be able to write a paragraph. 
  • Students are expected  to dedicate one hour a day to homework.
  • Students are expected to have a Gmail account. 
  • Parents are expected to spend 15 minutes a day with their student to check homework answers, to provide guidance, and to answer questions.
  • Parents are expected to provide needed materials for the course prior to the start of the course.
  • Students will need  a laptop or tablet for class during the second semester. 
  • Attend class in person and on time or use Zoom or Zoom recordings from class. 

Seventh graders who have not taken a formal grammar/composition class should enroll in this course. This is the first in our series of middle school grammar/composition courses. If you are unsure which grammar/composition your 7th grader should take, please contact me before enrolling.

Tuition:  $320 a semester or $630 a year.

Materials/Admin Fee: $100

Required Textbook  -Easy Grammar  Plus

 textbook link to purchase from Christianbook.com

link to purchase textbook from Rainbow Resources

This  class will begin one week early on August 7. A parent must attend the first 15 minutes with his/her student.