SAT/ACT Test Preparation (Wed)

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Teacher: Lisa Robinson
Date/Time: Wednesday - 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM
Recommended Grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Department: Other Electives
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)
Maximum Enrollment: 5

Time: 10:45- 11:45
Monday or Wednesday
High School (9th-12th)

Maximum Enrollment: 5
6 week session: $320 including strategy notebook and test booklet

The course will be offered 8 weeks before the scheduled SAT/ACT test dates as needed (for the upcoming test dates we may set an accelerated schedule if needed)

This course is designed as a hybrid program to maximize a student’s composite test score on the SAT or ACT tests. It is a 6 week course that will include 3 group class session of strategy introduction and review for the English/Writing, Reading, Math, and Science(ACT) sections. The remaining three sessions will be one-on-one tutoring to focus on each student’s particular needs. Each session, the student and parent will receive detailed notes on the progress and direction the student should focus on for his next session. This format provides accountability, specialized focus, and testing confidence.

Extra one-on-one sessions may be scheduled at the student’s and parent’s request for an additional fee.