French 1

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Teacher: Laura Carey
Date/Time: Monday - 10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Recommended Grades: 9th, 10th
Department: Foreign Languages
Grade Level: High School (9th-12th)

Bienvenue au cours de Francais 1! (Welcome to French 1!) I am excited to reignite my love of French by teaching your children this most beautiful and romantic language. I fondly remember the many years I spent learning French in school and my incredible time studying in Paris and visiting the country on numerous occasions (including a mission trip!). I will be bringing this experience to the classroom- where we will not only study the spoken form and written mechanics of the French language, but we will also explore France’s rich culture and history through various fun activities. No prior knowledge of French is required for this class. Students will develop skills in 5 areas of understanding and competency: listening, speaking, writing, reading and culture. Emphasis is placed on correct pronunciation, comprehension, and communication.  

We will be using the Breaking the French Barrier Level 1/Beginner Book (Student Edition) for our textbook (please see details below). Students will learn: basic French grammar, i.e., parts of speech; verb conjugations: present, passé composé, imperfect and progressive tenses; and formal commands. We will employ a variety of exercises to practice pronunciation and listening comprehension such as: kinesthetic drills, dictation, role play, and quizzes. Material learned in class will be directly applied in conversation throughout the year. Homework will include listening to and pronouncing French words, textbook and online assignments, and occasional projects.  

Class Size:  Minimum of 4 students

Tuition: $350 per semester or $650 for the year (if paid in full in by August 16) 

Materials Fee: $50 for the year, paid by the first day of class in August (fee covers some materials and MAS administrative costs)

Other requirements: Reliable Internet, student own email address, and computer are essential for French homework.

Textbook: Breaking the French Barrier Level 1/Beginner Book (Student Edition) ISBN 978-1-955306-06-5 (note: updated ISBN number)

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Optional, but highly recommended: Online Access Code (good for 1 yr); best buy: French Level 1/Beginner Book (Student Edition) + Online Access Code Combo for $75. Easiest to buy directly from publisher's website: