French 1A

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Teacher: Mary Cypher
Date/Time: Monday - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Recommended Grades: 6th, 7th
Department: Foreign Languages
Grade Level: Middle School (6th-8th)

Welcome to an exciting new adventure of learning French designed for middle school students who would like to complete high school level French 1 in 2 years (French 1A & 1B are the equivalent of French 1).  Students will develop skills in 5 areas of understanding and competency: listening, speaking, writing, reading and culture.

This 90-min. class focuses on vocabulary, grammar, conversation, writing, listening comprehension & French culture. The information learned in class is continuously applied in conversation. Homework will include listening to & pronouncing French words, textbook assignments and online assignments which will drill the skills learned in class .

There is a class meet up one other day a week, online.  During this time, there is continued work in the text, conversation, quiz games and the opportunity to ask any questions about the homework.  Accessing online resources and occasional projects will also be assigned. Allow 1 1/2-2 hours per week for homework.

French food, cooking and French Club type activities will also be enjoyed!  Since this middle school, French class is a gentle introduction to the material a student will learn in high school French, students who complete French 1A and French 1B are eligible to take the high school French 1 exam at the end of French 1B. Given a grade B or higher, they may then pass directly into high school French 2 in 9th grade.

We will be using the Breaking the French Barrier Textbook.

Click here to view a sample chapter. Click here for the table of contents. 

ISBN 0-9903122-0-8

Class Size:  Minimum of 4 students

Tuition:  $65/month 

Supply fee: $25/semester